Servilux was established in the 1970s. The small company mainly focused on the repair of electric household appliances and radios and TVs. The four founders/owners each had their own speciality within the field. The word of mouth of their good service did his job, and the company grew steadily.

Throughout the years, the services provided expanded by including the sales of replacement parts and accessories. The action radius of Servilux was, and still is,  expanding.

In the year 2000, Ward Dumon and Johan Thury took over the business. At that time, they were working respectively as a repairman and an accountant. So they knew the needs of the customers like no one else, but they also saw the need for professionalism within the company.

Entrepreneur's blood, sweat and tears have transformed Servilux, in four years’ time, into a streamlined organisation—an operation that was finalised in 2004 with the introduction of Navision from Microsoft. From then on, via this integrated software, all of the processes within the company were automated and closely monitored.

The succes of this investment is shown by the figures during the following years. Growth percentages in double digits are common every year. In 2008, the number of repairs alone was more than doubled compared to the previous year. The collaboration that was initiated in 2007 with the Dutch company Technorep contributed significantly to these changes. As did the fact that Philips assigned in 2007 all of its repairs from the Benelux to the Servilux/Technorep team.

In 2008 Philip Geuns joined the management team. As the third shareholder/business manager, he is responsible for engineering and the operational management.

Our most recent milestone occurred in 2010. During that year, for the first time, the goal of 100.000 repairs was surpassed.

Since then, not just delivery according to the expectations of the customer, but more importantly to surpass those expectations, has increasingly been the organization's guiding principle. For this purpose for example the Benelux Home Service Network was extended with repair centers in Zaventem and Ghent. It is a question of being closer to the customer. Unfortunately, the ongoing economic recession decided otherwise, and the new centers had to be closed again in 2013.

But it is not for nothing that "Service is our only weapon" is the motto of Servilux, so now a customer-friendly solution is also being developed. Forty technicians anywhere in the country are now supplied each night with spare parts for the repairs they need to perform the following day. In this way they can immediately leave from home to the customers in their region, which will benefit the speed of the service greatly.

In 2013 Servilux presented a project proposal for the European Social Fund (ESF ) appeal “People-Oriented Entrepreneurship”. The objective is to improve the quality of work for workers, particularly in terms of labor content (the kind of tasks that must be performed), opportunities to learn, and the room that people get to participate in taking key decisions about the organization of their own work. The submitted project was accepted, will run over two years, and is clearly bearing fruit.

Florin Dosa reinforces the management team.

2014 was another year of growth. Servilux won the confidence of a number of new brands that share the philosophy of the company. The fact that as a customer they are assigned their own “brand professor” is certainly not irrelevant.

The brand professor - the word says it all - knows his brand from every angle, but he also plays the role of devoted ambassador who thinks from 'his' brand and watches over its image.

The strong growth requires extra space and extra people. For this, Hasselt is the workshop for brown and white goods, expanded to no less than 1,800 m2, accounting for one third of the total business area.

An “Ivy loan” from LRM – the 'Limburg Investment Company' - allows the workforce to grow by about thirty people.

The continuous drive for quality improvement has meanwhile led to the achievement of ISO9001 certification.

2014 therefore has all the characteristics of a turning point. And with the start of a Luxembourg branch in 2015 in anticipation, the expectations remain positively biased towards further growth.

Optimization is the key word in 2015. Several processes are tightened and a collaboration with Ortec brings planning optimization of the employees on the move. A success that the customer experienced daily.

In 2016, TPVision chooses for Servilux as a direct authorized service center for all Philips TV sets. Samsung Dealer line is accommodated at Schippersstraat 7, with the aim of looking after all dealer contacts for the Benelux. For this new department in the dislocated zone in Province Limburg, a project was approved within SALK support (Strategic Action Plan Limburg 'Kwadraat').

May 2017, ISO certification extended. In September, the first steps towards a GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) proof company is started. For example, audits are held and the DPO (Data Protection Officer) is appointed. Servilux strives to protect personal data of customers and employees at all times! A contact page (link to contact page) is developed where customers can go with all their questions regarding their personal data.

In 2018 we get the opportunity to expand our services in The Netherlands.

Behind the scenes