Technical defects in electrical appliances cab often be repaired by yourself. If you know how, of course. Therefore we always try to help you first from a distance. For example, by asking you on the telephone to press a button and hold it for a few seconds. Or to remove and rinse a filter and then put it back in place

If the problem is solved over the phone, you did not have to miss your appliance. That is and remains the best solution.

But, naturally, this is not always possible.

In case your appliance must come to one of our service centres, we offer you the following options.

1. We organise the transport

To do this, we agree to a date that best fits your schedule. On that day, one of our logistics partners will come and pick up the appliance at your home. This is extremely convenient, but unfortunately we cannot provide you with the exact time of pick-up. You must remain home until your appliance is picked up.

2. Shipment via bpost

With this option, we provide you with a shipping form from bpost via e-mail. All of your personal data are already entered on the form. You pack the defective appliance carefully for transport and attach the shipping form to the package. Then you drop off your package at a post point in your neighbourhood. (Link to list of post points)

3. You bring the appliance to our service center in Hasselt

You may always bring your appliance to our service center in Hasselt yourself. Please call us before you drop it off. That way we can send you a completed repair coupon ahead of time via e-mail. Print this out and show it to our receptionist when you bring in your appliance. The receptionist will scan your coupon and you are ready to go. No more time wasted on paperwork and you do not have to stand in line.

4. Repair while you wait

What do we expect from you?

We will automatically create a file after registrating your device at our website.

Our specialists will perform a technical evaluation of the file. According to the detailed problem description we will execute a solution by phone or we will provide the nescessary orginal spare parts. The delivery time takes a few days depending on the availability of the parts at the manufacturer. Once the parts are received, we will notify you** to schedule an appointment to visit our services.

While waiting, we offer you a consumption in a nice bistro around the corner, with a view on the Albertcanal, or if you want you’re only 5 minutes away from the city center of the ‘Capitol of Taste’

*in condition that all the parts are present
**only for devices in warranty

This service is unfortunately not available for devices out of warranty. Therefore we provide you a price offer after research in our site.